Free Planet Earth tex files + Renderscene (Houdini 18 + Renderman 23)

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This Download provide a free Texture Set of Planet Earth in 10k directly converted from original Nasa Data.

What you get:

  • You get all textures preconverted to pixars tex file format.
  • You get a free premade Houdini Project file for Renderman 23 with all Shaders working in Houdini 18 Indie

Requirements to be able to use the Project files:

  • at least 4 GB of RAM


You can use the download and 3d scene - private and commercially. You can adapt it like you want. But this license don't allow anyone to resell the texture files or shaders in the download nor the Houdini file, or parts of it in any form. This license agreement and prohibition for reselling includes every digital selling plattform world wide.

If you use the Data or parts of it in a TV Show or Movie Project - please don't forget the credit - Alexander Weide


Download the texture Zips and place the resulting textures in a "tex" folder directly in the HIP Folder. After loading the Houdini file make sure to read the hints in the Note Boxes and check if its looking correct, if not check if all textures in the shader are linked correctly.

Tip: The 43K Version of the textures is here:

Best Regards

Alexander Weide

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Free Planet Earth in 10k + tex and exr files + Renderscene (Houdini 18 + Renderman 23)

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(25 ratings)
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Free Planet Earth tex files + Renderscene (Houdini 18 + Renderman 23)

25 ratings
I want this!